Corporate identity prices, fees

Each Corporate Identity Design is different, making it impossible to quote a single price for corporate identity. In this case, all graphic designers should be serious about your corporate identity design company. You will want to hire a professional corporate identity designer. We will explain some of the most common methods for corporate identity design pricing. Try it on corporate identity design cost calculations. Check out this great article about billing customers, where you're a designer looking for tips on how to bill customers...
General Corporate Identity Design Fees
Student Designer: 100 $ - 750 $
Freelance Graphic Designer: 750 $ - 1.500 $
Graphic Design Offices: 1.500 $ - 5.000 $
Professional Agencies: 10.000 $ - 50.000 $
World Famous Designer: 2.500.000 $
Mini Corporate Identity Content; Business Card, Letterhead, Diplomat Envelope, File, Invoice, Delivery Note, Collection Receipt
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